Ani-net contributes hugely to the body of work available in the field of artful narrative inquiry. We publish a range of books and papers that we produce collaboratively, some of which combine written text and visual image and some of which use collaborative and co-operative writing techniques, such as collective biography.

Recent collaboratively written papers:

Everyday fragments on the ceiling of room 407 in ‘Cultural studies-critical methodologies’ June 2015

Red inquiry/Inquiring into red in “Humanities’,2 (2) 253-277, Spring 2013, special issue on : art and words.

recently published books:


Staring at the park by Jane Speedy.  This award-winning monograph (QI congress outstanding contribution to qualitative inquiry-2016) combines innovative forms of poetic inquiry with visual inquiries into the life experience of somebody recovering from a massive stroke.

Creative Practitioner Inquiry, edited by Jane Speedy and  Jonathan Wyatt, was published by Sense Publishers in July 2014.

This book comprises a collection of examples of professional practitioner research from Health, Education, Social and Community work, all of which use radical forms of critical artful qualitative research.

Collaborative Writing as Inquiry, edited by Jane Speedy  and Jonathan Wyatt, was published by Cambridge Scholars Press, in  April 2014.

This book comprises a collection of writings about, and exemplars of,  collaborative writing styles and forms practised by  Ani-net members. Is is definitely not a toolkit or handbook, but rather gives a diverse range of ways of working together as writers in scholarly and other forms of community.


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