Ani-net: (the artful narrative inquiry network) is attached to the School of Education, University of Bristol  and consists in an INTERDISCIPLINARY  community of RESEARCHERS AND SCHOLARS IN EDUCATION AND SOCIAL AND HUMAN SCIENCES; THE HUMANITIES  AND THE ARTS  in both Bristol and beyond (Membership of Ani-net is open to scholars in both Bristol; throughout the UK and beyond).

Ani-net has a community list  (an e-list) which is hosted by jiscmail the UK education and research communities discussion list site. To join our list go to JISCMAIL.AC.UK and scroll down the alphabetical list of discussion lists to  ANI-NET. Follow instructions to subscribe.

As well as an e-community of scholars, Ani-net engages in a number of scholarly activities, including collaborative and other writing retreats: monthly open narrative space meetings in Bristol; community visits to conferences and gatherings and evenings and workshops with invited speakers – see our blog and news pages for past, current and future events.

Ani-net scholars are committed to exploring the ways in which artful and collaborative practices of narrative inquiry can extend and enhance the parameters of qualitative research with people; environments and communities. We are informed by post structuralist, post-human, post colonial and feminist ideas, as well as cooperative and participatory inquiry practices.

Ani-net has links with other organisations and networks and is a collaborating site with the International Institute of qualitative Inquiryand regular contributor to the International qualitative inquiry congress.

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Our network has attracted both long and short term visiting fellows from all over the world, including:

If you are interested in working with us, please get in touch, via our contacts page!