Coordinator: Artemi Sakalleriadis, Visiting Fellow, School of Education, University of Bristol; Director: Centre for the study of Inclusive Education

Current active members:

University of Bristol:

Laurinda Brown, Reader in Mathematics Teacher education, School of Education, University of Bristol

Maud Perrier, Lecturer in the School of Sociology,Politics and International Studies, University of Bristol

Goya Wilson Vasquez, doctoral researcher, School of Education.

Jane Speedy, Emeritus Professor in Education, School of Education, University of Bristol

Visiting fellows and independent scholars:

Viv Martin, writer and researcher

Kitrina Douglas, writer and independent scholar

Eve Dolphin, writer and independent scholar

Joyce Ferguson, writer and independent scholar

Sandra Lloyd, writer and independent scholar

Lynn Maddern, writer and chartered psychologist

Jan Filer, writer and independent scholar

Jane Reece, writer and independent scholar

Tessa Wyatt, independent artist.

Ann Rippin, Pomegranate Studio Bristol.

Bubuki Chloe Pyrsou, Doctoral Graduate, School of Education.

McClean Percy, Doctoral Graduate, School of Education

Peggy Styles, Doctoral Graduate, School of Education.

Sarah Boothby, MSc Social Work Graduate, School for Policy Studies.

Carol Laidler, Artist, Spike Island Studio Bristol

Alys Mendus, writer and independent scholar

Other Universities:

Margaret Page, Visiting Fellow,  University  of the West of England

Davina Kirkpatrick, Post-Doctoral researcher, University of Plymouth

Mike Gallant, Senior Teaching fellow, University of Warwick

Jonathan Wyatt, Professor, University of Edinburgh

Ken Gale, Lecturer in Post 16 Education, University of Plymouth

Prunella Bramwell Davies, Researcher, Royal College of Art.

Melissa Dunlop, Research Associate, CCRI, University of Edinburgh.

Jelena Nolan Miljevic, doctoral graduate, School of Education


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